Find a Farm

United States


Sunizona Farms, Wilcox, AZ
Sunizona produces a weekly CSA and offers free gardening seminars for kids. 


Cali-Dragon Farm and Orchard, Riverside, CA
A veganic farm that serves the Riverside area with locally grown pumpkins, as well as other fruits and vegetables.

Fereira Forest Farms, Ukiah, CA
Small veganic farm that sells its produce directly to consumers through the MendoLake Food Hub.

Lazy Millennial Farms, Salinas, CA
A veganic farm with a CSA offering a box of fresh produce to its members weekly. 

Russell Family Farm, Fallbrook, CA
Veganic farm that sells their produce at San Diego farmers markets.

The Date People, Niland, CA
The Date People farm six acres of date palms in the California desert and sell their veganic dates to the public through their website.

Woodleaf FarmSacramento, CA
No longer in operation, but this was a certified organic farm that grew a variety of fruits and vegetables and was best known for its peaches. They sold their produce at farmer’s markets around the Bay Area. In 2012, Woodleaf Farm was recognized with a Steward of Sustainable Agriculture Award. In 2016, the farm changed owners, was renamed The Peach Jamboree, and is no longer veganic.


Twig and Leaf FarmsGolden, CO
Veganic herb and flower gardens providing botanicals to local tea companies, cafes and apothecary shops.


Victoria FarmGeneva, FL
An expanding family farm currently (Fall 2016) consisting of about sixty fruit and nut trees, which will serve as a canopy for a future forest garden. The farmers donate some of their surplus and have plans to start selling surplus locally.


Grow Where You Are, Atlanta, GA
Social enterprise committed to installing and designing public and private spaces for food to be produced based on agroecological principles. It is CSA supported and provides agroecology training. 


Reverence Gardens, Round Lake, IL
Reverence Gardens was a commercial veganic farm from 2007-08 and was certified Naturally Grown in 2008. In 2009, the farmers transitioned their land into a large family garden, which is now used for demonstration gardening.


Khadighar Farms, Farmington, ME
Veganic farm owned by Will Bonsall, who is well-known in seed-saving circles and is the founder of a seed bank called Scatterseed Project. He is also the author of Will Bonsall’s Guide to Radical Self- Gardening and gives educational talks on sustainability and veganic farming.

Sweet Dog Farm, Brooksville, ME
A small veganic farm staffed largely by WWOOF volunteers. Farmers Doris and Bob donate their produce to a local food pantry and sell some at their farm stand. In 2017, they will start offering vegan cooking classes and farm-to-table dinners.


Solidago Farm, Silver Spring, MD
Veganic urban farm.


Saginaw MeadowsSaginaw, MI
Runs a veganic CSA.

New Jersey

Honey Brook Organic Farm, Pennington, NJ
Runs the largest certified organic CSA program in the state of New Jersey.

New Mexico

Santa Cruz Farm, Española, NM
Over seventy varieties of fruits and vegetables grow on Santa Cruz Farm, that has been in Don Bustos’s family for over 400 years. Don Bustos has been farming on the land since childhood and has also created the Agri-Cultura Network internship program to train the next generation of farmers, runs a CSA, and sells some of his produce in local farmers’ markets.

New York

Hesperides Organica, Warwick, NY
This farm exclusively grows for food for their CSA members only. Members can enjoy pick-your-own-crops from several acres grown in rich organic soil.

Huguenot Street Farm, New Paltz, NY
Veganic farm that sells their produce both through a CSA and directly on the farm. Note that while the farm itself is veganic, they include animal products from other farms in their CSA boxes. 

Unexpected Farm, Watkins Glen, NY
This veganic farm has a Certified Naturally Grown certification for their produce. Their produce is sold to local farmer’s market in Ithaca, New York.

North Carolina

Flow Farm, Aberdeen, NC
Veganic farm that produces biochar and a variety of produce, sold through their CSA program and on the farm.


Fir & Foxglove Farm, Colton, OR
A vegan permaculture farm that houses rescue animals. They grow fruits and vegetables to feed the humans and rescue animals of the farm, as well as their local community.

Spoke & Leaf Farm, North Plains, OR
Small veganic farm outside of Portland that runs a 22-week CSA and sells their produce at a weekly farmers market.


SanaView Farms, Donegal, PA
Founded by holistic health counselor Janet McKee, this combination farm/learning center offers workshops and events regarding veganic farming and nutrition, and welcomes volunteers throughout the year to engage in farm work.


The Farm Community, Summertown, TN
A sustainable eco-village offering workshops and retreats on permaculture and veganic gardening.


Farm Dirt, Houston, TX
A vegan compost facility that sells soil to local farms. Farm Dirt supports sustainable agriculture projects in Houston’s inner city and supplies the soil of local farm sanctuary and veganic farm, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Angleton, TX
Rowdy Girl is a former cattle ranch that was transformed into a sanctuary when the rancher’s wife went vegan. They are currently in the planning phase of a veganic farm and nursery, and already have a small green house, a few raised beds and veganic soil.


Ken’s Karetaking, Driftless Area, Wisconsin
Ken’s Karetaking is a property caretaking/management service that specializing in eco-conscious building and grounds maintenance, sustainable veganic gardening, and wildlife habitat enhancement.


Featherview Banana Farm, Brisbane, Australia
Featherview is a nine hectare eco-farm in New South Wales, overlooking Byron Bay. They currently have three hectares of lady finger bananas and plan to diversify with other horticultural crops, eventually using a permaculture layout.


Finca del Soul, Belize
Vegan permaculture orchard and food forest in a small intentional vegan community in the jungle of central Belize. You can watch videos about their food forest and the Belizian jungle on their Youtube channel.


Brightside Blueberries & Such, Duncan, British Columbia.
A commercial veganic farm that grows fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Crooked Horn Farm, Slocan Valley, British Columbia.
Veganic farm that grows a variety of vegetables as well as shitake and oyster mushrooms, sold through a CSA.

Daybreak Mill and The Davis family FarmSaskatchewan, Canada.
The Daybreak Mill is a sustainable and 100% organic local farm that sells their produce online and to several markets. It offers a newsletter and recipes on its website.

Glascott Farm, Markdale, Ontario.
Organically farmed since 1958 and currently transitioning to veganic farming. The farm has customers who pick up produce directly and also drop off produce in towns close by.

La Ferme de l’Aube, Boileau, Quebec.
This veganic farm sells vegetable plants to the public and as well as a growing variety of seeds. In summer 2017, they will begin to sell vegetables on the farm.

Les Jardins Vivaces, George Muir, Quebec.
This garden consist of over 1300 perennials along with a wide variety of plants that are farmed organically. The garden is intended for inspiration and have plants and compost available to purchase.


Douceur et Harmonie: Domain Maman Terre, Serralongue, France
A vegan, intentional, and eco community, Douceur et Harmonie hosts 21 hectares of wild edible herbs, herb and vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and berry bushes. Membership costs 10 euros and is mandatory for visiting. Once a member, you may visit for free by volunteering to help with cooking, farming or maintenance. To visit without volunteering costs 15 euros per day.


Sadhana Forest, Auroville, Tamil Nadu 605101, India
This ecological village has two primary goals: to support local communities by empowering them to grow their own food, preventing exodus to nearby cities; and to provide environmental education. The village uses compost toilets in order to create fertilizer based on human, rather than nonhuman, waste. Sadhana established a similar community in Haiti beginning in 2010, and is currently working on a third in Kenya.


Big Tree Farms, Bali, Indonesia
Big Tree Farms is founded on the principle of jamu: an Indonesian concept of body, mind and spirit that are in harmony and balance. Big Tree works directly with its farmer partners, ensuring firsthand that ecological responsibility, safe working conditions and fair trade practices are upheld. Its signature products include Truly Raw™ cacao products (using Big Tree’s own coconut sugar and cacao) and Coco Hydro: a powdered form of coconut water in which coconut nutrients have been condensed. The latter was developed as an alternative to the unsustainable practice of shipping coconut water around the world (bottled coconut water is 97% water and only 3% nutrients).

International Organizations

Gentle World, US and New Zealand
Gentle World operates two educational centers: one on the North Island of New Zealand, and one on the Big Island of Hawaii. At each of these locations, it welcomes visitors from all over the world to participate in a ‘live-in’ vegan education program. Guests are given the opportunity to learn about the reasons for being vegan, the benefits of vegan living and how to go about making the transition. Gentle World also teaches interested individuals how to prepare delicious, nutritious plant-based food and how to grow their own fruits and vegetables veganically.


Ballyroe Veganic Farm, Ballyroe, Ireland
This beautiful farm on the southern coast of Ireland provides food and accommodations in exchange for volunteer work, for those who are interested in learning more about the veganic way of life. Farmers at Ballyroe rely on both a compost toilet and barley-based fertilizer to nourish their crops, the latter consisting exclusively of spent barley used in Guinness production.


Biohof Tannacker, Rechtkanten, Switzerland
This veganic farm grows vegetables, herbs, berries and fruit for sale at local markets. It is also known for producing some gourmet, specialty items, such as pesto, syrups (elderflower, woodruff, spruce tips, and sage), fruit spreads, and blacken compote (a sweet dessert made from the stems of blacken, which is typically discarded as an unwanted weed).

United Kingdom

Brook End, Somerset, England
Brook End is a four-acre family farm designed and managed on permaculture ethics and agroecological principles. As an Education Centre for Feed Avalon, a local co-operative dedicated to changing the food system, they host courses and trainings in permaculture, agroecology, herbalism & more. They grow a large variety of produce for their own consumption and events and also sell salad, vegetables, herbs and apple juice through Feed Avalon.

Drimlabarra, Isle of Arran, Scotland
Veganic herb farm that offers herbal medicine consultations and classes.

The Naturally Vegan Plot, Cornwall, England
This 3.5 acre field is a centre for education and practical implementation of veganic horticulture,
woodland gardening, low impact land management initiatives, vegan permaculture and
sustainable land use. They sell produce and plants to the public and host permaculture and other sustainable living courses.